Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Guadalupe

Marian Grotto Kit
Our Lady of Guadalupe

This striking kit will allow your child to create his or her own miniature grotto for the Blessed Mother from wooden sticks, beautiful illustrations and polished semi-precious gemstones.

This kit also includes a short synopsis of the apparition, a history of grottos, and a list of the semi-precious gemstones used in this kit (Amethyst, Tigereye, Moss Agate and Yellow Jasper).

The finished grotto can stand freely on a tabletop or be hung on a wall, and is approximately 7" tall.

Other Designs Available: Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of the Snows.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Price: $7.50     Quantity:    ID 95

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Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Guadalupe

"All of Illuminated Ink's Marian Grotto Kits are just lovely. My daughter fell in love with this one. She needed a little help to complete the gluing part of the project (she's 7), but her big brother (13) was easily able to complete his grotto alone.

The kit is complete except for glue, scissors and colored pencils or crayons. The directions are clear. The finished grotto is lovely and can stand up on its own.

My daughter has developed a real devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it began as she worked on her Marian Grotto Kit. I can't think of a better recommendation than that! "

Nancy P., Sugar Grove, WV

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Guadalupe

"My eight year old son had a great time putting this grotto together. It is so easy to do and it turned out beautifully. He even had some popsicle sticks and stones left over to make an extra cross. He said "It was really cool to put it together!". It is now hanging in our kitchen for all to see."

Melissa K., McKees Rocks, PA

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Guadalupe

"Our children have received the Gemstone Grotto kits from their godparents and absolutely love them! Making the little grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe even inspired our eleven-year-old to set up a little prayer corner in her room with the grotto as the centerpiece. Now all our children are entering the coloring contest to try to win more products. Thank you for making such fun, crafty products that inspire the faith in children."

Shannon S., Sioux Falls, SD

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Fatima

"Beautiful grotto!! It was very easy for my 9 year old daughter to make. She has it sitting on her desk so she can see it while she does school."

Surretha U., Westminster, MD

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Fatima

"This is one of our very favorite Illuminated Ink products. We have made all of the Marion grottos, no less than two or three of each of them. The children give the kit undone as gifts for birthday presents and also make them as a special gift when we need something very special. We have made so many yet are not the least tired of making them as each one is unique and beautiful and puts a smile on the Blessed Mother's face!"

Anne Y., Linden, NJ

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Fatima

"Our fourth-grade class at St. Anastasia Catholic School in Westchester, California, made beautiful grottos during Respect Life Month. We purchased the class packs. The children loved the project. It takes about two and a half hours to complete, but part of that time was spent teaching about the history of the grottos and shrines. We added a pro-life prayer to the back of each grotto, in keeping with the miracle associated with each.

This is a great project, and we will be purchasing each year for Respect Life month. Each new fourth-grade class will look forward for their chance to make them. "

Anne R., Westchester, CA

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Lourdes

"What a beautiful craft! Easy to put together and very sturdy!"

Julie S., Menlo, IA

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of the Snows

"Fabulous product! My 9 year old was able to do this from start to finish without any assistance. What a joy to be surpised by her beautiful creation! Directions and drawings are clear and easy to follow. Information on the history of grottos and Our Lady of the Snows was a real bonus. Keep up the great work."

Ann T., Portland, OR

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of the Snows

"What a beautiful kit! My 5 year old daughter, Olivia, loves doing crafts and was able to follow the steps to complete the project without me having to do the majority of work. The end result turned out just lovely. It looked as good as the sample picture which is especially nice for children. I was appreciative of the added background information that described the Lady of the Snows in detail. Thank you for your well made products. They are affordable, easy to make and the end result looks great. I just picked up another kit at a conference and we both can't wair to work on it!"

Jacqueline O., Pinckney, MI

Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of the Snows

"I purchased this craft at a conference and found it to be excellent. The materials are high quality simple to use and understand. My daughter, who is 5 1/2, loved putting it together and gave us a super teaching opportunity with our children. Thanks for creating such great Catholic crafts."

Joe M., Cedar Rapids, IA

Marian Grotto Kit - Class pack

"My daughters (ages 10, 7 and 5) loved this kit. They even enjoyed sorting all the stones by color before starting construction. :-) We now have several grottos ready to scatter around our house. "

Emily B., Calgary, Alberta